Ecolad was founded in 1972 and was incorporated in 1976.

We supply a variety of high quality Stainless Steel and Aluminum Outdoor Ashtrays, Windproof Ashtrays, Waste Receptacles, Recycling Containers and Service Center Products.

We service the North American market from our facilities in Windsor Ontario, Canada and Dearborn, Michigan USA.

Other Divisions of Ecolad Corporation Include:

Mission Statement:

To conduct a successful enterprise providing superior product and value, friendly efficient service, and competitive pricing. We will take the initiative to help each customer fulfill his or her immediate needs and expectations by our extra effort. We will accomplish our mission in a manner that develops and maintains our reputation for quality and integrity within our industry and community.

The Resort Trades Suppliers Profile Article

Ecolad Corporation was founded in 1972 by Gary Awad, who realized there was a need for durable, heavy-duty waste containers that could withstand weather elements and abuse from the general public. As a result, Ecolad manufactured its first heavy-cast aluminum waste receptacle. Ecolad’s product line has grown substantially and includes recycling containers and a variety of outdoor ashtrays. Today, the company is family owned and operated by Gary’s son, Mitchell (president),  Ecolad provides unique quality products along with a high level of service to new and existing customers.

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